Lucien Cicero

One of two main characters in my Nations of Sevic campaign.


Warlock Build

Lucien Cicero. Human/Warlock/lvl 8/ 17 years old.

Hails from the nation of Thessaly, he has achieved greatness in the short time he has been on Sevic. He joined the Thessalian army at age 13 of which he lied about his age. He has served for 2 years on the Dwarven war front. He has had many commendations. He was honorbly discharged from the army and returned to his home town of Arithia where he and his friend Pearl were hailed as heroes and were treated as such. He has saved the city countless times including stoping a Vampire from pulling the strings of a local Senator. He aided in the great quake of Arithia, and stopped a possible invasion from the denizens of the Underdark. Deafeated Supreme Commander Alexander for controll of the Cult of Ares, throwing an legion of ares at his command.

He presently is providing support to the Green Legion as well as the Son of Athena, they are presently defending against a Dwarven/Barbarian invasion.

Lucien Cicero

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